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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most anxious of them all? Mirror replies with a silent hush, “the one who stands in front of me and considers his presence less important than all.” And so true it is, isn’t it? Mental health is a subject we never consider, important. Even if we have been dealing with some mental turmoil over a prolonged period of time, most of us do not realize that it is mental illness and needs to be treated, the rest refuse to accept it hence, remain untreated. We know we are slowly falling in a pit but we never take it seriously. The crux of the matter lies in us not confronting our problems, not discussing it with our trusted ones and that’s when depression and anxiety set in. What we do not realize is that by ignoring this deep set issue we are not just impacting our lives negatively but also of the ones around us.

‘She’s afraid of her own shadow’, and that’s what anxiety demands from us. We keep fulfilling its demands until it eats us away completely. What we do not understand is that we only give rise to such crap thoughts in our minds that put our expectations and anticipations from life, down. Life is like a ride, where ups and downs often come but they never bother our positive attitude regarding life. Have you ever thought that why do we over think and imagine scenarios that might never manifest in reality? Of course we cannot restrict our mind to end the ability of imagining future but we can definitely adapt ourselves to accept the positivity that surrounds us and once if we stop getting bothered by every petty act and stop searching for the reason of every legit flex of life that sometimes hangs for the good and sometimes for the bad. It is human nature to become sad and the coming out of tears is absolutely normal.

‘Ignorance is bliss’ and it is a very unpopular opinion because the more you ignore the problem the deeper impact it has on you, if this is not bliss then what is real bliss and what is pursuit of happiness? It is interacting with your close ones, celebrating everyday to its fullest and never losing communication with your friends. In this pandemic year where most of us are going through this problem of lack of proper interaction and communication or have distanced themselves from their closed ones and are going through ample of stress and anxiety, we need to stand with one another because we have physically distanced ourselves but we should not distance ourselves emotionally or mentally. That’s how we are supposed to deal with this virus of anxiety and depression and let not anyone we know give up on hope, give up on themselves and wait for their impending...

Ananya Srivastava

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Charu Rawat
Charu Rawat
Aug 11, 2020

Beautifully written



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