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Attitude Counts

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Our life brings us in connection with people embodying attitude both positive and negative. The people with positive attitude have optimistic thoughtfulness towards everything and everyone. They believe only in happy attainments. They only hope for the best in whatever they do. They can spot the silver in the darkest clouds. Not even the toughest tests of life can make them pessimistic. They find their way out. The negative minded people on the contrary see disappointment and shades of grey in every entity. The recent crisis saw the best examples of both the psyches.

Lockdown put a restriction on all movement. The people were advised to stay home, work from home, maintain distance and take many precautions for the safety of health. Domestic helps weren’t allowed keeping in mind the risk of the deadly virus looming over .The positive minded people enjoyed the sudden change in life following all the Covid norms religiously. They happily shouldered the household responsibility like shopping groceries and kitchen provisions, cooked new recipes every day, cleaned, washed did dishes and are doing still. They claimed that they enjoyed every bit of this side of life. They were happy to be with their families. Self help gave them sense of independence and contentment. They squeezed out time for the long ignored leisure and communication with beloved ones. Similarly for the professionals’ ’work from home’ added to the work quality and quantity. This we call positive attitude. Positive attitude keeps the owner calm, composed, sensible, relaxed and grounded. The positive thinkers have instinctive traits of self contentment and creativity in whatever they do. Their good vibes influence their surroundings, people and actions. It isn’t difficult to change negative attitude into positive and maintain it throughout.

Every positive has a negative too. There are many or should I say most people as if are born pessimists. They are biased and their thoughtfulness dwells in darkness. They tend to be bitter, critical and sarcastic. Finding flaws in each and every thing runs in their blood stream. We talked about the disposition of the Positives and let us now see what these negatives did in the lockdown .They cribbed and cribbed since the first day. They felt that the ‘stay home’ was an imprisonment. They were desperate for their life out: parties, movies, shopping, meeting friends, home deliveries or just non sense walks or rides. Ladies hated to work and yearned to have domestic helps back. They missed their beauty parlours, kitties and gossips. Negativity tolled on their thinking, health and temperament. We could see the proof of their mind set in the comments they made in response to everything happening. They poured the dirt of their mind out through their language. Bitterness could be felt by the readers. Their negativity didn’t spare the government’s decisions and efforts to fight the corona, health heroes, police, organizations, good doers or policies. They went ahead to create sabotage, damage, non cooperation to show their frustration. Isn’t all this is symbolic of their negative thoughtfulness. They were full of complaints. Negative attitude tends to make people bitter, venomous and critical .They react to everything good or bad no matter if it has nothing to do with them. We come across examples of such people every day. Sometimes the magnitude of the negativity leaves us wondering why do people do all this? Being too negative often results in losing friends and relatives besides damaging our image beyond amendment. It corrodes our mental, emotional and physical health .In normal course of life too negative attitude towards things, circumstances, events and people are subjected to hostile treatment. Failures, rejections, deceptions, frustrations, shattered dreams and so many other tit bits in maximum cases breed contempt and extreme negativity which often is very devastating.

Our hobbies are a very rich source of keeping our attitude right even in toughest of the adversities. They say if the beginning of the day is good the entire day lasts well. If morning is started with some exercise ,yoga ,meditation , walk in a green surrounding breathing fresh early air followed by our favourite music , a steaming cup of tea and a good shower why wouldn’t the entire day be promising and happy ending ? Happiness, blessedness and relaxed tranquil state of mind altogether constitute our positive attitude. Tiny particles of joy, small gains like a surprise of our favourite sweet dish after meals, unexpected visit of a dear one , hearing the excited birds chirping in early morning, walking on dewy tuft of green, seeing colourful clouds or a rainbow.. Believe me all these seemingly ordinary and small things have the capacity to provide positivity and spirits to live happily.

Geeta Saini

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