Ecological redesigning

Updated: 3 days ago

If anything, this pandemic has taught us, is that making progress by leaps and bounds in trade, technology, and medical sciences is not enough. And no, we don't need bigger cities, broader roads, wider streets with multiple lanes for smoother flow of traffic, larger parking spaces, more malls or airports (to be enough).

We need an 'ecological collaboration' to preserve and improve the quality of life and yet, be economically, technologically and medically strong. We need to redesign our cities, towns and streets and make them 'exceptionally green' and reduce the use of vehicles by half by converting parking lanes into tunnels of trees and pedestrian paths, to reduce pollution and improve air quality.

To achieve this goal, people and governments must come together and work collaboratively. This may or may not require a huge budget but definitely a pure intent to make the Earth a better, safer and greener place to live.