How To Answer Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Any interview is a nerve-wracking experience but is also the threshold to your dream job and your career. So, whether you like it or not you have to go through this experience. One way of getting through this relatively easily is, by preparing in advance, well, some anticipated questions.

You will generally be asked two types of questions in an interview, technical questions (to test your job knowledge) and some commonly asked questions (to know you better, to know your attitude and to find out what values you will bring to the organisation). Let us see how you can answer some commonly asked questions. These are just possible answers you can reframe them to suit your requirement.

1) Tell me about yourself.

This is generally the first question that the interviewers ask. It is asked to put the interviewee at ease, to know a little more about the candidate, to evaluate the candidate’s communication skills and confidence. To answer this question, you should say around five to six points about yourself where you should introduce yourself and give a summary of your education, skills and experience. Keep your answer extremely professional and precise and avoid narrating your entire life story.

Fresher’s possible answer: I’m an M.B.A. from …….(name of your college or university) University with specialisation in Human Resource Management. During my course, I did a two-month internship in the HR department of …….(name of the company) Company where I learnt to work on …….(name of an HR software) HR Software, screening applications and also the basics of holding training and development programs.

Experienced person’s possible answer: I’m an HR manager with an experience of about 5 years, working in ABC Company from past three years and before that I have worked in XYZ Company for two years. I have been actively involved in framing and reviewing HR policies of the company, preparing budgets for and scheduling training and development programs, managing pay plans and managing employee relations.

2) Why do you want this job?

By asking this question recruiters want to know how focused you are and how serious you are about the job. They ask this to also know whether you have any long term plans to stay in the company or not, if hired. To answer this question do a research of the job and the company beforehand and tell them what motivates you and what appeals to you the most.

Fresher’s possible answer: This is the area of my interest and I want to make my career in this field only. Moreover, the reputation of the company, its values and vision are some factors that motivate me to work here.

Experienced person’s possible answer: This is the area of my interest and expertise and I want to make a move to a more responsible position where I can use my work experience, job knowledge and skills, in both lateral and vertical development of the organization. This will help me to give a vent to my critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. I saw this opportunity in the position announced here. Moreover, this organization is well known for providing good growth and development opportunities and rewards hard work.