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How to Answer Technical Questions in an Interview

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Any interview is a nerve-racking experience but it is also the threshold to your dream job and your career. So, whether you like it or not you have to go through this experience. One way of getting through this relatively easily is, by preparing in advance, well, some anticipated questions.

You will generally be asked two types of questions in an interview, technical questions, i.e. job related questions (to test your job knowledge) and some commonly asked questions (to know you better, to know your attitude and to find out what value you will bring to the organization. How to Answer Commonly Asked Questions. In this blog we will see how to handle technical questions.

Before we begin, it is important to understand that though you are expected to know your job and other aspects related to it well, and hence, are expected to know the answers to all the technical questions, still it is almost impossible to know everything about everything about your job even if it the field of your interest and expertise. Had that been the case you would have been the CEO of the company and not gone there for the interview. So it is absolutely fine if you do not know the answers to one or two questions here and there. But whatever the circumstances may be you should still be able to answer at least 60% of all the technical questions correctly. To reach that level you should begin preparing for technical questions from the very moment you realize or decide the field you want to make your career in, because trying to gain technical knowledge of the job in a span of few days may not be easy. You should:

1) Research about the job, thoroughly . Find out how the job is done, what steps and procedures are carried out to do that job, the equipment required, the time within which the job should be completed and under what conditions the work is done, what skills and qualifications are needed for the job.

2) Gain as much knowledge as possible about the job by reading the related journals or news or the available literature.

3) Watch informational programs related to the job.

4) Talk to the experts of the field.

5) You can do a short term specialized course in the related field.

6) Take up an internship to get hands on experience, if you are a fresher.

7) Apart from these, once you apply for a job, researching about the company and the industry may also help.

Following these points will help you gain job knowledge from different aspects and you will be able to answer technical questions with more informatively.

How to Answer Commonly Asked Questions

Dr Charu Rawat

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Archit Parmar
Archit Parmar
02 sept. 2020

Good one.



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