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Leadership Development Tip: Have Fun, Enjoy the Journey

Enjoyable workplaces are more productive because of positivity in the work environment and less stress resulting in a high level of employee engagement. A leader must:

Build a fun work environment to motivate, inspire and encourage people to give their best.

Do their work with such energy and enthusiasm that it does not feel or seem like work at all, employees tend to pick up the same vibes and work similarly.

Display the enthusiasm in demeanour and disposition to enthuse others. Make your energy contagious.

Celebrate all achievements together, whether big or small to make employees feel appreciated, respected, and valued.

Use management games to solve problems, elicit ideas and train the employees.

Avoid being boring.

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Sumendra Prajapati
Sumendra Prajapati
Jun 18, 2022

It's ery entertaining topic of the leadership...



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