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Leadership Development Tip: Learn from Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, the destroyer, away from the materialistic world, is considered to be the most influential power, beyond all measures of depth, height and time, in Hinduism and hence is considered the greatest leader. Leadership lessons to learn from Lord Shiva are:

1) Simplicity: Simplicity makes a leader approachable and people can connect well with such a leader which makes it easier for people to understand the motives of the leader.

2) Fearlessness: Shiva, also known as Rudra, the fearless, teaches us to confront problems right in their face, challenge them and deal with them boldly, and take risks to grow and provide growth to others.

3) Focus: Razor sharp focus on the goals leads to their achievement. When Lord Shiva meditates he reinforces the importance of concentrating the power and energy towards a purpose in order to realise it.

4) Equality: As Ardhnareshwar Shiva combines with his wife Parvati to deal with bigger problems thereby teaching us the value of teamwork, treating others equally and not discriminating on any basis.

5) The Third Eye: It denotes intuition, deep analysis of a situation before responding to it and being intolerant towards evil and injustice.

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