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The Power of Appreciation

"When you see something good in someone, tell them. It may take you a moment to say it, but for them it could last a lifetime."

Appreciation spreads positivity, builds relationships, and helps everyone grow.

When we praise others, they get motivated to do better, and in the process, inspire many others. But, we often refrain from doing so because of our shyness, ego, insecurity, or jealousy.

Appreciating others does not make us inferior to anyone. But reveals volumes about our humility, generosity, and our ability to see good in others. The more we appreciate others, the more we get appreciated and it also increases our likeability quotient.

If all of us can come together and start appreciating and motivating each other, learn from each other, start performing better and better, keep giving our best, keep improving, we all can truly make this world a better place to live.