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Poetry is the soft music to my ears, It takes away all my fears. Even if it lasts for few moments, It completely understands my sentiments. I struggle to understand the rules of this world, Which everyone seems to know. I try , but yet I wonder, Where should I now go. I think it is because of you my fear, That I cannot come out real. I thought I wasn't good enough, Because you have made my existence so tough. Blindfolded me with every reality, Making me doubt my sanity. Lurking in the shadows of night, Making me avoid all the light. No matter how much I try, You still make me cry. Hidden beneath my pillow, Or just under the bed. Awaiting a chance to drive, Into my head. I don't fear darkness anymore, As you come when the daylight's gone. Making my head scream till the morning's dawn. You come in different forms. Sometimes taking all my courage away, Or just before stepping on the stage. Again and again, you arrive, Not leaving me even in quarantine. You made me run away, From who loved in every way. But I won't let you be more tough,

Because you've already played enough.

Now I'm going to rise up and It was absolutely okay to fall. Well, this world around me, Can't define me at all.

Now i'll break this wall of fear,

Wondered will it keep me in sadness forever.

Being unaware of what I'm capable of. And even though I might know,

This wall didn't let me show, How much more I can still grow.

Ananya Tripathi

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