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We are Our Own Motivators

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

We human beings keep complaining ,self pitying and drowning in pessimism when we talk about our life . We derive strange pleasure in bragging about how difficult our life is. We carry a long list of our difficulties, scarcities, work load, bad experiences, painful relations, deceits, struggles, failures and..., and…, and…, there is no end to the list of things we keep crying about.

We forget that life has happy side too. If everything can’t be happy then everything can’t be unhappy as well.

Life is two folded- positive and negative, sweet and bitter, good and bad all these flavors are our natural neighbors. Our forefathers said that joy follows sorrow. We can value the pleasant only after experiencing the unpleasant.

Instinctively we are blessed with uncountable motivational sources which help us fight our negativities and tough times. The driving motivation comes naturally from our own self, beloved ones, natural bounties ( vegetations and creatures ), hobbies, yoga and other physical exercises, counseling and so many others. Last few months have seen us all thrown into a dark pit of apprehensions and unpredictability . The humanity was shaken to roots due to the onslaught of the pandemic. For sometime we all were confused, will this situation ever end ? Will we have to continue to live like this all our life ?

Motivation did come to rescue us in it’s own way . We all noticed that the lockdown turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Forced confinement brought us closer to our families. We spent more time together or we can say we found more reasons and time to share, care, feel, understand and laugh with our people. What could motivate us better than this bliss?

Most of us were self motivated ( though under pressure ) to protect ourselves from the scary virus, maintain hygiene and sanitization and still continue to do so. The online studies became possible as the parents, children and the teachers derived self inspiration to switch over from familiar to unfamiliar methods of education. The three corners derived motivation from each other and we find our schools managing academic situations better now.

The adverse situations also unearthed our dormant skills and most of us got motivated to cook, draw, paint, sculpt, write, grow plants and do all house hold chores on our own .It goes without saying that if for some it was monotonous and difficult but for many it was fun and a break from the humdrum of office work.

The best and most inspiring examples of self motivation were exhibited by our health heroes, police, sanitation workers, grocers, bankers, media and manufacturers of essential commodities. They kept their spirits to ‘work, come what may’ ignited . What kept them going in spite of the odds, risks, threats, fatigue and no rest? Simply their instinctive motivational strength.

Celebrities, NGOs, social workers, hoteliers, industrialists and common people inspired by their virtues and humanity came forward to support and help the needy with food, medicines, transport and finance. They all worked under their philanthropic motivation.

The Mother Earth presented an amazing example of self healing during the pandemic . It’s been brutally exploited by we humans yet it made best possible use of man’s absence from the outside world. It was ecstatic to see all damaging activities and the doers away. It healed so fast and laughed through its clean air, water, greenery, flowers, birds, creatures and the beautiful make over. What could be a better example of motivation than our Earth ?

Nothing can obstruct your way if we can keep the flame of motivation ablaze in our hearts. We can keep getting up no matter how many times we stumble. We can hold success and attainments safely in our palm no matter how many challenges stand in our way.

Motivation is a God's gift which is within us we just need to find it and use it in the times of need.

Geeta Saini

(Author and Educationist)

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