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Young Crusader

Updated: Mar 15, 2023


Trained in nine forms of martial arts, an accomplished NCC cadet, international gold medallist in shooting and obstacle course at RAJ RIF, the only Indian Cadet till date to have the honour to be part of the Republic Day Camp (New Delhi), twice, Youth Ambassador in Vietnam, representing India as a Cadet, awarded by the President and the Prime Minister of India and the Governor and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for being the 'Best Cadet' and making several records in National Cadet Corps., and the list goes on. . .

Gaurav , who started learning martial arts at the age of six was a complete defence material, but fate had different plans for him, he was cut out for something else. While completing his studies he started a foundation called 'Human I am Foundation' to spread awareness about the duties and responsibilities of people towards others.

He later came up with an initiative, 'Donate Your Surname and Religion', to fight the discrimination against caste and religion, which struck a chord with many and soon people started to change their surnames to 'Human' with Gaurav himself being the first one.

Everything was going fine but when Nirbhaya case happened, it shook him to the core. He soon realised that the nation needed much more than candle marches and road shows to bring an end to such heinous crimes and he decided to train girls and women in self defence. That’s when he developed his own technique of self defence with his knowledge of martial arts and established 'Kalki Art of Self Defence', with the view to provide holistic self defence training to students that covers not just physical safety or street self defence but also cyber bullying and harassment, first-aid treatments, psychometric tests and counselling to build psychological strength, strength building exercises, meditation and diet counselling.

Gaurav is currently the Vice President of Uttar Pardesh Kalaripayattu Association (mother of all the martial art forms) and also runs a free self defence training program for underprivileged girls with the name of ’JATAYU’ to pay tribute to the first living creature who stood for women’s safety and is the oldest recorded event in the history of mankind.

So far, he has trained 2,50,000 girls in India, Nepal, Thailand and Russia and has also provided combat training programs, in association with U.P Police, Mahila Samman Prakosth, and 1090 Women Helpline, Army Units and schools, fitness studios of Russia, Royal Bangkok Police and also with Army Wing Cadets of National Cadet Corps. Apart from this he has also given training in MNCs under POSH Act (Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace). He aspires to reach the whole world with his technique of self defence.


Dr. Charu Rawat

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