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Updated: Sep 10, 2020


I had a keen interest in science right from my childhood. My parents always encouraged and supported me in my studies and provided for everything within their means and beyond to help me follow my passion of experimentation, invention and innovation. As an inquisitive child I would ask many questions from my teachers and they would tell me that someday I will make a big name in science and guided and encouraged me to carry out my scientific research, it is because of their blessings and their belief in me that I have registered for thirteen patents, which are under process.

After completing my high school I became extremely passionate about innovation in the field of science and my passion for innovation kept growing with each passing day. I was deeply influenced by my role model, an aerospace engineer, a professor, a scientist, and the Missile Man of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. His success mantra was ‘Just try one more time’ which inspired me the most.

In 2010, while traveling in DMRC, I conducted my first big experiment and made ‘Driverless Metro Train’. After that I tried to produce electricity through rollers on the speed breakers present on the roads but could not succeed in this experiment. I received a letter from the Department of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh, informing me that my model was not original but that did not stop me from trying again as a result of which I was honoured by the then Chief Minister of U.P., Mr Akhilesh Yadav for my efforts. This honour encouraged me to do more researches and experiments and I made many scientific discoveries one after the other and there was no looking back.

Till date I have successfully made models of seven projects, remote controlled electric appliances, shockproof switchboard, blood pressure measuring machine, air car which works on Newton’s Third Law of Motion, blood circulatory massager, driverless metro train model, double sided rack and producing electricity through pinion system.

I dream of contributing in the field of science in a way to strengthen my country’s economy and continue to serve as a teacher and as a scientist.

Anand Pandey

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