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''Zanetti"-The Ghost Train Story

This world is also a mysterious place. By the way, humans have discovered many secrets of the universe through their understanding. But there are many such tales in the world which are impossible to believe and they prove that the human being has a lot to discover. One such incident took place in Italy in 1911.

In summer 1911 the train "Zanetti" with three cars and 106 passengers left Rome and should have gone through the mountain tunnel in Lombard. The train entered the half mile-long tunnel in Lombardy Mountain but never came out! Just, disappeared! No one could come up with a sound explanation for is strange disappearance: dozens had witnessed the train leaving the station in Rome and entering the tunnel, but nobody had seen it coming out. After the incident, the railway workers and police searched every square foot of it, but found no trace of the train. There were no train, passengers and even traces of soot on the walls. However, there were two passengers found who’d jumped off the train just before it vanished into the tunnel. Later, when they were asked for the same, they were able to tell the story of their eerie trip. They jumped out of the train at the last moment. After the accident, the two rescued passengers suffered with psychiatric disorder caused by strong stress but backed to normal later. They told that suddenly the passengers were overtaken with unexplained fear, panic started and the train was covered with milk - white mist which gradually became more viscous. During the war the tunnel was bricked up and later destroyed as the result of one of the air - plane attacks. In the railway museum they still keep a model with the railway, tunnel and locomotive with 3 cars.

Nobody would have recollected that accident if the relative of one of the passenger who was looking through the archives in 1926 had found an interesting record. It was said that in Mexico 104 Italians showed up from nowhere and all of them affirmed that they were travelling from Rome. And that record was dated 1845! The Italians were considered as mad and put into a psychiatric hospital. The things and clothes didn't correspond to that time. And one of the belongings, a tobacco box with the sign "1907" is still kept in Mexico.

Many years later, the train appeared again in Europe. On October 29, 1955 a three-car old-fashioned train appeared not far from Zavalichi, a small village in Ukraine. The signalman, Pyotr Ustimenko, saw it moving soundlessly.

The reason for disappearing of the train is still a puzzle. But the train - ghost was seen in many countries such as Russia, India, Germany, Italy and Romania. The statements of witnesses who saw the train - ghost were all the same: the ancient train with 3 cars without a machinist and with windows shut with curtains.

As for Russia they say that first it was seen in Crimea (the train went by non-existent rails and even hit chickens). In 1991 it was seen in Poltava and in the same year one scientist for paranormal activity jumped into that train in front of several witnesses and nowadays he is officially considered missing.

The people who are fond of mystic say that the train disappeared in parallel dimension or it was lost in time. In these versions they show even connections with other mystic accidents.

Recreated by: Mayank Srivastava

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