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How to Be a Content Writer and Earn from Home


73% of the Government and private organisations hire a content writer. As a result, there is a demand for content writers globally. The content consists of data as text, audio and video that can inform, entertain and teach the audience. Content writing is an online display of content that suits Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Meanwhile, people write content for online marketing, promotions, mode of income/passive income etc.

A content writer is a person who can deploy befitting web content as demanded by a client. As a student, housewife or a professional you can earn from home. Above all, Content writing can open doors for you in fields like-

· Blogging

· Social Media Marketing

· Website/Academic/Technical writer

· Script Writing

Presentation of content demands good written communication skills and correct grammar. To publish the content you have to make it plagiarism-free. There are certain prerequisites of content writing given below-

· Grammar

Good grammar and error-free content are an integral part of content writing. However, you can manage it easily via free writing tools and grammar apps.

· Creative writing

You can provide content of paramount quality by infusing creativity in it to make it unique in the time of copy and paste.

· Reading

Reading boosts creativity. New ideas can quickly cross your mind if you have a habit of reading and if you read a variety of topics. Read something everyday like journals, blogs, novels, newspaper, magazine etc. It will enhance your knowledge and give you an exposure of different arenas.

· Data Research and analysis

It is essential to do good research on the topic of the content. One should analyse the information consciously to carve out a niche. Potential content has impactful meaning in minimum words.

· Understanding of SEO keywords

Google ranks your content based on SEO keywords. For Instance, A content with the Title- “Career of Cristiano Ronaldo”. So, the keyword is Cristiano Ronaldo. Similarly, you need to incorporate the keyword in title, starting paragraph and amidst the content.

To get a job as a content writer you can apply your resume at online platforms like - Internshala,, Indeed, TOI job portal etc. You can be a professional content writer as soon as you start your career in this field. For example, you can enrol in content writing courses on-

· IIM skills

· Udemy

· Internshala

Content writers are being a lot in demand but and due to the dearth of availability of good and creative content writers, they are paid well, all you need is to find the right channel. It’s not too far when content writing will be viewed as a lucrative profession.

Santushti Pandey

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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar
Nov 19, 2020

Thoughtful ! Would love to apply for a part time content writer role someday thanks to this great write up.



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