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Wear Your Tie Right

Updated: Aug 27, 2020


Watches, shoes and ties are the most visible accessories of men's formal attire and require special attention. Though we invest a good amount of time and energy while choosing our shoes and watches, but do not like to think too hard when it comes to ties. What we need to understand is that a tie is not just to make our neck and shirt more decorated but holds the respect of people towards us. Here are a few tips to wear your tie right.

1) Never wear a tie without a jacket.

2) Your tie should not be visible from under the collar of your shirt.

3) The wide end of the tie should reach the middle of the buckle of your belt.

4) The narrow end of the tie should be slightly shorter than the wider end. Style experts say it should reach the upper edge of the belt buckle.

5) The width of the tie should correspond to the lapels of your jacket which should have been matched with your frame. Choose a slimmer tie with slimmer lapels.

6) If you are wearing a tie-pin, put it between the third and the fourth buttons of your shirt.

7) As far as the colour of the tie is concerned, choose a tie that has the colours of your suit and shirt and at least one other colour to make it stand out. You can also go for a solid coloured tie that is darker than your shirt and can be worn on any occasion. Similarly, the versatility of a black-tie cannot be ignored.

8) Your tie should be slightly textured yet have a silky-smooth finish.

9) Avoid loud and goofy tie designs with cartoon characters, instead, go for fine geometric patterns.

10) Do not forget to add a dimple to your tie, just below the knot, to complete your look.

A right tie worn correctly will not just make you look and feel great but will also help you to make a lasting good impression.

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life."

-Oscar Wilde

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Mohit Jaiswal
Mohit Jaiswal
May 12, 2023

Personally liked it ma'am , waiting patiently for your next blog😊


Vinod Dahake
Vinod Dahake
Feb 15, 2023


Charu Rawat
Charu Rawat
Feb 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Mr Vinod

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